Tynwald Court: House Of Keys Members Elected To The Legislative Council — Isle of Man Government Membership

Manx Radio ‘Talking Heads’: Minister Skelly asked “if he feels it’s right that a newly elected member of the Legislative Council (responsible for legislative scrutiny & oversight of the Executive) should be a both member of government & declare himself bound by it’s rules of collective responsibility?”

Minister Skelly: “Yes, I do believe they should. I’ve always termed Legislative Council as a non-executive role of national importance. The primary focus and primary role of course is actually revising and scrutineering in terms of legislation, so that does suit of course MHKs who’ve done that all their lives. But I think the advice, the wisdom that can be provided by somebody who is in a different position -particularly not an MHK who can be bound by a lot of constituency issues - that has been very beneficial, so yes I do believe it does work quite effectively.”

Wikipedia: “The Council, being elected by the MHKs themselves, does not have significant authority in Tynwald.”

Tynwald website: “Members of the Legislative Council do not formally represent constituencies, nevertheless they are able to act as an alternative conduit for public concern and in a similar advocacy-type role on behalf of individuals and groups.”

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Tynwald Court discourages active opposition

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